Natural Bee Keeping

NaturlicheThe bee world, as it is today, is in a deplorable state. Bee mortality has become a central talking point worldwide. However, the true cause of their demise is not actually discussed in professional circles or with the general public and, as we know, only knowledge may bring about change.

We are relatively well informed about how environmental changes are impacting on the honeybee and yet we fail to acknowledge that the uncompromising drive towards maximising honey yields and bee keeper comfort are at the expense of animal welfare. Modern bee keeping has become nothing more than high yield honey economy.

Almost all honeybees in Switzerland are domesticated and kept by bee keepers. The feral honey bee is virtually extinct. Our bee colonies are over-bred and weakened through symptomatic pest and disease treatments to the extent that they are no longer able to survive in Nature.

We believe we have a solution and this is the focus of this website. We encourage cross-bred colonies. Conventional bee keeping could be slightly adapted towards animal welfare without affecting our demand for honey. Bee keepers are encouraged to keep 20% of their colonies in a bee-friendly or natural way. We also encourage the distribution of honeybee nesting boxes (similar to bird boxes, solitary bee hotels and hornet boxes) in order to promote the feral honeybee. This will immediately create a Swiss-wide network of natural bee colonies and will enable bee evolution to continue running its 30-million year course before human interference. Bees desperately need to be able to adjust to local and natural conditions again. Only Nature can ensure the long-term survival of our bees through hard, sustainable and natural selection!

The pages on this website attempt to give a transparent view of the current position adopted by the relevant authorities in Switzerland. We intend to present solutions on the basis of specific concepts and projects. Literature on the subject not widely publicised and alternative approaches will be made available to a broader circle of audience. Experts, specialists and ordinary bee keepers should be encouraged to consider and experience natural bee keeping –  we believe that by doing so, their previous conclusions in respect of natural bee keeping are bound to change fundamentally. In many “mainstream” bee keeping circles, teachers are passing far too many wrong views, “received wisdom” and dogmas to students without these ever being critically considered.  Questioning established practices or proposing alternatives does not take place as the fear of adverse reaction tend to prevail. In addition, pressure to conform to these practices is also strong from institutionalised concerns such as agricultural bodies, veterinary associations, bee keeping associations, bee inspectors and even other bee keeping colleagues afraid to “rock the boat”. 

Vincit omnia veritas - Truth conquers all


A spécial thank to Caroline from London's Buzzing who translates actually the german website into english!

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